Mobile Eye Clinic prevents blindness

It is a fact of life that eyesight declines as people get older, sometimes it could significantly compromise an individuals lifestyle. Poor eye sight can cause falls, depression, and lead to isolation. A large number of older Australian suffer from eye diseases: 70% of blind Australians are older than 70.

The most common eye diseases that cause blindness in old age are glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts. Regular eye tests can detect and treat early onset of eye diseases, preventing blindness.

Mobile Eye Clinic is an optometry service focusing on eye health for people older than 60. We provide the following services.

- On-site, hassle-free individual eye consultation.
- Reports to GPs, Opthalmologists for further assessment or treatment
- Organising prescription spectacles. (Special discounts for pensioners).
- On-site low vision assessment and advice for vision enhancement and fall prevention
- Delivery service
- Veterans’ Affairs welcome.

Most eye diseases are preventable if detected early, so get your eyes checked now.

To make it even easier, Mobile Eye Clinic can come to you for a hassle-free experience which might just save your sight.

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